-“Dailies – A system in place to keep developers sane”-

“Well, gotta log on to do my dailies.” How many times have you thought that to yourself? What is a daily you may ask. A daily is pretty much what you think it is – something that you do in a game daily that gives you a reward. Usually dailies include talking to an NPC to receive a quest and turning in that quest to receive a reward. The quest may be as simple as bringing an item to another NPC or as difficult as completing a raid. It is such a simple concept, yet is what I would consider the backbone to every MMO. Is that a good thing? Not necessarily, at least not in the state they are in at the moment.

Image: 2p


Pretty much every MMO, whether its World of Warcraft or Maplestory has dailies. When I am playing Maplestory, I log on to do my Monster Park Dailies, then my Horntail Dailies, etc etc. This process takes about 2 hours then I usually log off and repeat the cycle again the next day. Is performing such a menial task fun? Not exactly, but the possibility of getting a piece of gear that I really need is something that drives me and numerous other players to run this never ending treadmill everyday.

Before we can tackle the question of why it is a good or bad thing, lets look at the core of dailies and why games have them. In my opinion, dailies exist simply to fill in the gaps between new content releases. It is a formula that major game companies like Blizzard and Nexon deploy to stall players between major patches to either retain player interest or to entertain those players who are looking for something to do during a content drought.

So are dailies a necessity? Yes, I believe they are. Developers aren’t robots. Developers are humans who need time to pump out quality content that players will be satisfied with. But, the lack in variety and engaging dailies are an issue. Most dailies are just either kill quests or fetch quests or quests that ask you to repeat old content that you have played to death. Why not make dailies more interactive? Perhaps you can get GMs involved and host occasional GM events that give players something that they want and need to progress their characters. Or even make something brand new that players can enjoy that won’t take up too much man power on the development team.

Me giving money to a player for a guild charity event.

Here is an example of a daily/limited time daily that I would like to pitch. In addition to the trade menu, create a charity menu that will allow players to give something away for free that other players need and the players that give the highest value in items at the end of the month (determined by average auction house prices or currency) wins a currency that can used to trade for something at the “Charity Shop” or have their name posted on a “Charity Leaderboard.” Of course I know that it isn’t as simple as that (due to scumbags who will probably just give items to their own characters), but it is a start and I am sure that the game developers can think of some method to prevent cheating.

It is impossible for a game to avoid dailies if it wants to keep a somewhat reasonable content update cycle. But if developers are able to create innovative dailies that will engage players on a different level, I think that the monotony of completing dailies can be something that all players can enjoy.


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